Recent News

IFTS Plasma Physics Seminar- Prof. Liu Chen (12nd Oct., 15:00 Pm)

Title: Particle transport due to low-frequency electromagnetic fluctuations

Speaker: Prof. Liu Chen, IFTS-ZJU & UCI

IFTS Plasma Physics Seminar- Prof. Han Xu (22nd June,10:00-11:00 Am)

Title: Fluid and particle hybrid simulation in electron transport

Speaker: Prof. Han Xu, National University of Defense Technology

Intensive course on Plasma - Prof. Fulvio Zonca

Title: Theory and simulation of nonlinear physics of the beam-plasma system

Lecturer: Prof. Fulvio Zonca

Plasma Physics Seminar- Dr. Huasen Zhang

Title: Gyrokinetic particle simulation of the β-induced Alfvén acoustic eigenmode
Seminar: Dr. Huasen Zhang, Institute of Applied Physics and Computional Mathematics,China
Time: Monday April 20

Plasma Physics Lecture- Prof. Dr. J. Meyer-ter-Vehn

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. J. Meyer-ter-Vehn,
Max-Planck-Institute of Quantum Optics, Germany

Plasma Physics Seminar-Prof. W.W. Heidbrink

Title: Progress in understanding fast-ion transport by
instabilities: The importance of phase

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