Mechanism of Magnetic Storms

Time: 2017-06-06 09:00:00
Speaker: 沈超教授 [哈尔滨工业大学,深圳]
Place: 教十一413
Abstract: Magnetic storms are the strongest energy releasing activities in Earth’s magnetosphere and have dramatic influences on the operations of the spacecraft running in the near-Earth space. The main characteristics of the magnetic storms are the ring current containing huge kinetic and magnetic energies and strong current and leading to the significant depression of the geomagnetic field on the ground. The geometry of the local geomagnetic field may be changed considerably during the storms. Based on the multiple spacecraft magnetic measurements of Cluster, THEMIS and other missions, the current distribution and magnetic configuration in the inner magnetosphere during magnetic storms have been investigated. Furthermore, the global evolutions of the high energy particles in the radiation belt during magnetic storms have been simulated based on dynamic equations, where the adiabatic motions, various diffusions and loss mechanisms have been included. The numerical model developed can be used to quantitatively predict the storms as well as the dynamic variations of the radiation belts.