Lectures by Pro. Fulvio Zonca ,May 23-June 11,2024

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Abstract: Lecture series on Physics of Alfvén waves and energetic particles in fusion plasmas will be given to Mode structures and global dispersion of Alfvén waves in tokamaks and will be lectured by Prof. Fulvio Zonca in Spring 2024. These Lectures will cover with pedagogical style the first part of Reviews of Modern Physics 88, 015008 (2016) and are based on the 2018 Intensive Course Lecture Notes, which was a continuation of the Intensive Course on Linear physics and stability in tokamaks taught at IFTS. Prerequisite of the course is a preliminary knowledge of general plasma physics and classical mechanics, and the Lecture Notes of the 2017 Intensive Course. General theoretical aspects are treated in Lectures (1 ÷ 7), which are complemented by corresponding Q&A Sessions.

Link to details: https://www.afs.enea.it/zonca/references/seminars/IFTS_spring24/


Time:  Lectures (10am-11:30am) will be held at IFTS on May 23-29-31 and June 3-5-7-11, with corresponding Q&A Sessions (4pm-5pm) of the same days.

Location: Room 323, Physics Building, Zijingang Campus 

Main areas that will be explored are:

   (I) Variational methods in plasma physics

       i) Constructing variational principles:

           Euler equations and Lagrangian

           A general methodology (Lecture 1)

      ii) Examples and applications of variational principles:

           Power dissipation in a passive resistive network

           Energy eigenvalues in quantum mechanics (Lecture 2)

      iii) Shear Alfvén waves in tokamaks.

           Variational formulation and variational principle

           Integral form of the dispersion relation (Lecture 3)

   (II) Wave propagation in slowly varying, weakly non-uniform media

      iv) Eikonal formulation of wave equations.

           Wave-packet amplitude evolution equation. (Lecture 4)

      v) The wave kinetic equation.

          Bound states and Schrödinger equation. (Lecture 5)

   (III) Description of Alfvén waves in tokamaks

     vi) Global eigenvalue problem in toroidal plasmas.

          The formation of meso-scales. (Lecture 6)

    vii) Time asymptotic solution and WKB

           dispersion relation. (Lecture 7)

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